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YES! We have gift cards!

Our games are a fantastic gift for all ages.

Gift cards are available both online (HERE!) and at Complex Rooms.

In denominations of $25, $50 and $100.

Complex Cards!

Our new card game has arrived

12 CAROLS is a collaborative game that will challenge your thinking, teamwork and problem solving. Everything you need is in the deck but, if you need a hint… WE CAN HELP!

Available at Complex Rooms while supplies last.

Unwrap The Secrets

A Holiday Offsite Game!

Complex Carols is a portable game that is perfect for onsite corporate and office events. Interested in a game? LEARN MORE HERE and then contact us for details!

For 6 – 50 players!

Can you solve the room before the time runs out?

Our rooms are immersive games where you must work as a team to discover the clues and solve the puzzles.

Whether it’s finding the treasure or unlocking the exit, the concept is simple… but the rooms… are a little complex.

60 minutes | 3 to 8 Players

60 minutes | 2 to 7 Agents

New Room Coming Soon!

Adults NOT required.

These puzzle rooms are designed so that kids (8+) can play and unlock the mysteries on their own.