Takeout Escape Games

Original games in portable boxes… With real props, real locks and complex puzzles for you to solve.

Pick Your Team

Group sizes are up to you!

Just like an Escape Room… We recommend teams up to about 8 players. But don’t worry… if you feel like adding a few more… or phoning a friend… we won’t tell anyone.

Play At Your Pace

YOU are in control!

Games are written around a 60 minute adventure…  But go ahead and pause the timer whenever you want. The hints, solutions and puzzling are in your hands.

Guarantee A Win

Yours for 24-48 Hours!

Instead of being kicked out when the timer stops… The game is yours for 24 – 48 hours so you can take your time, take breaks and truly enjoy the experience.

$150 / Game

Once you’ve requested the game, we’ll schedule a time for pickup and return.

Games are usually out for 24-48 hours so let us know your availability and we’ll find times that work!

Pick Up / Delivery

We don’t hold regular hours however, once scheduled, we’ll reach out to determine the best way to get you your game!

Often, delivery and pick up in Kitchener-Waterloo works so just let us know the details and we’ll go from there!

Large Groups

Have a corporate event, celebration or just lots of people hoping to play? No problem!

With multiple kits, we can challenge 40-50 players at a time and a Games Master could even run the game… Offering hints as you race against the clock.

Takeout Games

No room… Just complex* puzzles!

*We are known for fair but layered problem solving. These aren’t easy escape games… We create games that are truly complex. What do you expect? It’s in our name!

Snow Problems

The evil Complex Rooms Puzzle Masters have kidnapped the Gingerbread Man and stashed him away!

Can you decode the Secret Numbers of Winter (SNOW) and save the Gingerbread Man before the time runs out?


Space Invaders

In 1947, an unidentified flying object crash-landed near Roswell, New Mexico… But it wasn’t alone. Your team must unlock a Top-Secret case file, root through the archives, and solve an alien language that is the key to our future.

Can your team break the code and save the earth?

Monsters & Mysteries

Some sort of treasure is hidden in a collection of monster memorabilia… and here’s your chance to get rich!

Can you unlock the mysteries and find the treasure?

Lost Treasure of the Pirate King

Great For Kids 8 to 9 Years Old!

The map of the Pirate King has been found! And now it’s up to you to solve the mystery. Your crew must work together to use the map and follow the clues.

Can you unlock the puzzles and track down the lost treasure?

Request A Game

Complete the form and we’ll respond to your request within 48 hours.

If you have questions or problems with anything on this page, please contact us: info@complexrooms.com