Complex Rooms Waiver

Authorization, Release and Waiver of Liability

Read Before Signing

In consideration of being permitted within the facility of Complex Rooms Inc. and participation in the activities conducted at this facility or by Complex Rooms, I acknowledge and agree as follows:

Assumption of Risk

I acknowledge that escape rooms involve physical activities including, but not limited to, running, jumping, lifting, moving equipment, opening and closing objects, assembly of objects, rotation, balance, manual manipulation of objects and coordinated body movements.I further acknowledge that participation in escape room activities could result in bodily injuries, damages, or loss from the following: (a) the use or misuse of the facility or rooms in any way by any participant; (b) use of any equipment that malfunctions or breaks; (c) flying objects; (d) improper maintenance of the facility, grounds, or any equipment; (e) inadequate instruction or supervision; and/or, (f) slipping, tripping and/or falling while in the facility or on the surrounding premises.I agree that my / my child’s participation in the activities conducted at and by Complex Rooms involves inherent physical risks, such as those listed above, and I agree to assume the full risk of any bodily injuries (including death), damages, including damage to my/my child’s property, or loss which I / my child may sustain arising out of, connected with, or in any way associated with my / my child’s participation in the activities conducted at the facility of Complex Rooms or by Complex Rooms.


I agree that I, my heirs, next of kin, executors, administrators and assigns (collectively “my Successors”) do hereby fully release and forever discharge Complex Rooms from any and all liability, claims, demands and causes of action whatsoever arising from any injury (including death), damage, including damage to my/my child’s property, or loss I / my child may sustain as a result of my / their participation in the activities conducted at the facility of Complex Rooms or by Complex Rooms and covenant not to sue Complex Rooms for the same, whether caused by the negligence of Complex Rooms or otherwise. This is a complete and irrevocable release and waiver.


I agree to indemnify, hold harmless and defend Complex Rooms from any and all claims arising out of or in consequence of my / my child’s participation in the activities conducted at the facility of Complex Rooms or by Complex Rooms. This indemnification includes, but is not limited to, legal fees.

Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure

Any and all information provided or displayed by Complex Rooms to myself/my child is confidential and is the exclusive property of Complex Rooms, including but not limited to any: game detail, puzzle, solution, storyline, idea, process, technique, design, whether such information is in oral, written, graphic or electronic form (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Confidential Information”). I understand and agree that myself/my child is participating in activities which contain Confidential Information and any disclosure or release of Confidential Information would be directly damaging to Complex Rooms Inc. I agree not to disclose any Confidential Information and shall use the same care to prevent the disclosure of such Confidential Information as a reasonable person would use with respect to its own confidential and proprietary information.

Photo/Video Prohibition

Use of any camera or recording equipment by you or your child is strictly prohibited. I agree that disclosure of any material acquired by camera or recording equipment could cause irreparable harm to Complex Rooms.


I agree that I will be responsible for damages that I and/or my child may cause to any property at the facility and/or any property owned by Complex Rooms Inc. while participating in the activities conducted at the facility of Complex Rooms or by Complex Rooms. I acknowledge and agree to compensate, upon demand, Complex Rooms for any damage caused by me and/or my child during, before, and/or after participation in the activities conducted at the facility of Complex Rooms or by Complex Rooms. I further agree to be responsible for payment of any and all loss of potential future revenue that has been proximately caused by any damage caused by my child and/or me.

Right to Refuse Entry or End Participation

I confirm and agree that Complex Rooms has the right to refuse entry to the facility of Complex Rooms Inc. or the right to end the participation of myself/my child, if, in the sole opinion of Complex Rooms, Complex Rooms believes that myself/my child and/or other participants may create a risk of harm to themselves or to others.

Photo/Video Authorization for Use by Complex Rooms Inc.

I authorize Complex Rooms to use photographs, video recordings or any other likeness of myself / my child in its promotional, social media or sales materials and I hereby waive any right to compensation or any claim of ownership thereto.


I understand that, as with the transmission of any communicable disease like a cold or the flu, I may be exposed to COVID-19 also known as “Coronavirus”, at any time or in any place. While I understand that Complex Rooms follows provincial regulations and a high standard of personal protection and disinfection protocols to limit transmission of all diseases, there is still a chance that I could be exposed to an illness at this location. 

Self Screening

Before you arrive for your game please self screen using Ontario’s Online Self-Assessment. If it recommends that you enter into self-isolation or quarantine or if you are feeling ill… Please stay home. We will refund your game.

Masking & Social Distancing

While at Complex Rooms and throughout my game play I will make my own decision about wearing a mask, will respect the decisions of others and consider social distancing when possible.

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