S.B.A.S.E Force

A challenging paper or screen based game that is ideal for Family Game Night at home or with players around the world!

$15 + HST / Ticket


  • Desktop – Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Microsoft Edge,
  • Mobile/Touch – iOS / Android Smart Phone or Tablet

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Difficulty Level = Quite Complex

  • 4 Players (Recommended)

  • 4 Stages of Puzzles

  • NO Time Limit*

    *Play in one sitting or in many! Each stage may take 20-60min to complete.

Top 10 Best Cooperative Game of 2020



After years of rumours and stories, you’ve found four abandoned S.B.A.S.E* Force Control Stations. Now… It’s up to you and your team to figure out what clues were left behind and what secrets lie behind the door. (*Space Boundaries And Scientific Exploration)

It’s Family Game Night! This game was written to be played like a collaborative board game by a team of four. We recommend Option 1 (below) however remote options are available!

This game requires access to 4 different stations. The puzzles, locks and mission objects are the same for each station however the information boards are different. To complete the game you will need to use the boards from all four stations. They can be accessed using only one ticket… or more.

How does it work? How many tickets will you need?

Option 1: Your team plays in person (ONE Ticket) – With your ticket you will gain access to printable PDF documents. Following the instructions you’ll be able to print and assemble the 4 station game boards. Distribute among your players and collaborate to unlock the locks. Only one player will need access to either a computer or mobile phone in order to retrieve your mission objectives and enter the codes to unlock the door.

Option 2: Your team connects online (FOUR Tickets) – While you group chat, each player will be connected to the game with their own desktop computer or tablet device (not a phone as a larger screen is required). When the game begins you will select 1 of the 4 abandoned stations and then, together, you can solve the puzzles. Each player must purchase their own ticket and will independently enter combinations and experience the reveals as they unfold.

Option 3: Mix it up! (ONE Ticket For Each Connected Device) – If you have some players in one location and some in others… no problem! Just buy one ticket for each connected device and print out the stations as necessary. And, while we recommend teams of 4 players, each with their own station, you can actually play with any number of people (more or less) since you will all be able to move from station to station throughout the game. You can decide the best way that works for you… As long as you use all four stations to complete the game.