Privacy Policy

Complex Rooms logs Web server interactions when you visit our site. These server logs include your Internet Protocol (IP) address, and may include web page visited, parameters supplied, browser type, date and time. Note that this type of information can be linked to individuals. Server logs may be analyzed to diagnose problems and to detect trends. Access to log data is restricted to authorized individuals. Part of our site may use third-party content delivery networks for various aspects of web site infrastructure (e.g., jQuery and other JavaScript libraries, web fonts, etc.). We make use of web analytics services to assist web site design, communications and advertising by reviewing and monitoring traffic patterns, demographics and the types of technology our visitors use. Note that these services use “cookies” (data files created on your computer when you visit a Web site) and JavaScript. Data collected (including your IP address) is transmitted to the service provider who may transfer this information to other parties when required to do so by US law. This site uses cookies for the use of remarketing services (advertising based on visits to previous web pages). No personal or identifying information is gathered or transmitted with this cookie and you can opt out of cookies by changing your browser settings or permanently using a browser plugin.