Legends of Canada: Online

Difficulty Level = Quite Complex

This challenging and interactive browser-based game is based on our actual Escape Room! But here… there’s no time limit and you can play collaboratively or competitively with players from around the world!

  • One or more players
  • $15 + HST / Ticket


  • Desktop – Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Microsoft Edge,
  • Mobile/Touch – Coming soon

You only need ONE Ticket – If you’re playing on your own just purchase one ticket for you. If you’re playing with a team you can then huddle around your computer or share a screen over a group chat.

As proud Canadians we at Complex Rooms believe that our stories deserve a world stage in a venue that rivals the richest kingdoms of all time! Since we don’t have that sort of budget… We built an escape room instead!  This game replicates the in-room experience and challenges you to explore the legends, solve the puzzles and escape. No knowledge of Canada is required but, if you learn a thing or two… don’t blame us!

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Perfect for Groups, Events & Communities!

We can accommodate groups of any size and you can all play at the same time!

Simply break your group into small teams (4-5 players recommended) and assign a team leader. The team leader coordinates a virtual meeting, logs into the game and shares their screen. (We provide the game but you can use whatever video conferencing works best for you!)

  • A standalone experience with no additional links or materials required.
  • Self directed so you can play on your schedule, at your own pace at your own level.
  • A complex game with hints ready to go as needed.
  • Pause the game (and timer) by closing the browser
  • 60 minutes recommended… but you can play as long as needed to finish!

Group purchases (10+ tickets) will receive a Private Leaderboard and an Admin Panel to manage and issue your own tickets!

  • 10+ tickets: $15 + HST (each)
  • 20+ tickets: $15 including HST (each)

Not sure how many tickets you’ll need for your event? No problem! Estimate your maximum number of tickets and your deposit will be 50%. When your event is complete you’ll only be charged for the tickets used over the 50%.

Contact us (info@complexrooms.com) to set up your group!

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