Space Invaders

Complexity Level:  Medium

In 1947, an unidentified flying object crash-landed near Roswell, New Mexico… But it wasn’t alone. Your team must unlock a Top-Secret case file, root through the archives, and solve an alien language that is the key to our future.

Can your team break the code and save the earth?

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Game Play

This game is designed to take approximately 45-60 minutes however it could take more or less time depending on how well you work together and how quickly you solve the puzzles. Hints and the solution to each puzzle are provided but we challenge you to only refer to this information when absolutely necessary.

Dry Erase Markers are provided. Please draw on laminated surfaces only!


How Does It Work?

The game will lead players through a series of nested boxes and then, ultimately a final locked box. As each box is opened more information and items will be revealed and the next step in the path will become clear.


Game Setup

Find a space where your whole team can comfortably sit or stand and communicate together. You have three boxes: A briefcase, a wooden storage crate and a classified box. The game is now set up. Note: If you are playing competitively with multiple teams, each team will have its own starting setup.

Note: While we already have a ‘final treasure’ as part of the game, it is possible to put your own final prize in the last box. If you’re interested in this option please let me us know when requesting a game.


Winning The Game

The game is over when you have opened the final box and saved the world. If you’re playing against the clock (60 minutes) then you will have to complete the game before the time runs out. If you are playing competitively then the game is over when the first team saves the world.


Packing Up

Don’t worry about trying to repack the puzzle boxes. Simply put all the pieces back into the container and return to Complex Rooms. Please do not change the combinations of the locks and use the inventory to ensure all items have been returned.