With last week’s announcement of our upcoming puzzle rooms, I thought it might be a good time to explore the whole puzzle room / locked boxes environment. It’s also another excuse to play with some rhyming again.

Locks on Box

From wall to wall from toe to hair…

The locks we see are everywhere.

HOW do we open? HOW do we play?

WHAT do we do? WHAT do we say?

Seconds pass – The time it tocs.

Box on box are blocked with locks.

Locks on box for me and you…





Locks with letters A to Zed.

Lots of words.
Stuck in head.


Locks on Box unlocked with ‘POCKS’!

Locks with count of numbers four.

Three, Five, Nine and then one more.

No numbers work! I’m mad! I’m done!

Oh wait, it’s just the number one.

Some normal locks that need a key.

But keys I need I cannot see.

Lift and peek, look under wall.

Find the key and open all.

But wait unlock the box with locks..!

And then we find just lots more box.

Why locks on box inside more box? Why not some rocks or blocks or socks?

Unlock the locks and look a box!

Surprised I’m not.
There’s little shocks.

Some are magic, some are not.

Some just open when they aught.

Big locks, small locks, here and there.

SO many locks are EVERYWHERE.

HOW do we open? HOW do we play?

WHAT do we do? WHAT do we say?

Now we’ve looked. Now we’ve seen.

Now we play we’re all so keen.

Think and talk and look about.

Unlock locks and then we’re out!