Phil has given you some background on the idea behind Complex Rooms Inc. and on the concept of escape and puzzle rooms in general. But there are so many more pieces to our puzzle still to be revealed, and those pieces he soon will share.

Of course, something he might not tell you is the tale of the administration behind the lease and his determination, his perseverance, his fortitude and his gumption. Phil’s got good gumption.

So this is where I step in and share the exciting story of the signing of the lease, the filling out of forms, the rules around our parking and…

The Thread That Was Loose

The partners all nodded. The place it seemed good. Phil was happy, as Phil it seemed should.
Now all that was left to make it all done… Was the fancy name writing and then came the fun.

But wait, a small detail. A thread that was loose. A permit was needed for permitted use
So Phil asked the city as people would do. And he asked for a permit from lovely Ann Sue.


Do you have the right zoning? She asked him quite frankly. Phil stared right back and he blinked rather blankly.
Zoning? He asked. Yes, zoning. She sighed. The business you want should be the business inside.

Well the map by the city with the zoning online, showed the zoning we want and the zoning’s all fine.
She smiled and she paused for just long enough… For the ominous looming of the soon pile of stuff.


Your building is zoned for the use of this kind. But it hasn’t been vetted by the experts you’ll find.
Look at the codes for the building you need. Once you’re on track your permit precedes.

So Phil worked along – he called all kind of folk. He questioned and queried through fog and through smoke.
Hallways and sprinklers, bathrooms and doors. He looked and he read about safety and more.


A call to the fire chief: Come take a look! He asked the nice architect: Flip through your book!
Hours and days and then weeks soon went past. He was realizing quick that this wasn’t too fast.

When all said was all done, he sat back relieved. He returned to the city with answers believed.
But his contact Ann Sue was not there that day. Instead he was pointed to Rita Ann May.


Parking she asked him? Expecting a thought. Parking? he asked her. T’was not the answer he sought.
The records, she noted. Lists not enough. He scoffed ever slightly, and then started to huff.

I’ve counted! he screamed. There’s hundreds of spaces! There’s more than enough for all of these places!
Ms Rita Ann May looked at the young Phil. His patience was waning but he held to his will.


Fill out this form. That’s something to do. He sighed and he twitched – he’d see it all through.
When two days had passed, he called hoping to hear. Hoping to hear not the answer he feared.

But Rita Ann May was not to be found, And Ann Sue the first? She was neither around.
Instead he was pointed to Beth who was new. And Beth’s message was… to wait for Ann Sue.


Phil waited longer and longer and more. One week to two weeks to three weeks to four.
When at last the news came as news usually should. Parking was plenty and parking was good.

He ran through the streets his happiness high. The forms were now done – If he could he would fly.
Now all that was left to make it all done… Was the fancy name writing and then … came the fun.