We’re Building a Series of Escape Rooms!

Escape [ih-skeyp] verb break free from confinement or control.


Now, I’m guessing that when most of you read that definition, the last thing that comes to mind are thoughts of overwhelming fun and excitement; and when I speak to most newcomers about what we’re doing, this is the most common reason I hear for people not giving it a chance.


They fear what it means to be locked in an enclosed space… Trapped… Confined… With limited resources to get out. To be honest, I think that’s fair. It does sound rather terrifying and not at all fun and enjoyable.


So, what about this instead?

We’re Building a Series of PUZZLE Rooms!

Puzzle [puhzuh l] noun: a game, toy, or problem designed to test ingenuity or knowledge.


How does that make you feel?


Games are fun! They challenge us… They engage us… And, if you’re like me, then I’m guessing the word ‘game’ evokes a much greater sense of enjoyment.


So that’s what I will encourage you all to keep in mind as you consider Complex Rooms and the genre as a whole. Think of it as a puzzle. Think of it as a game.

To break down the industry into the simplest terms: The purpose of most Puzzle Rooms is to work as a team towards the common goal of finding a path out of a space that is different than the way you came in. Hence the term: Escape Room.

There are, of course, other scenarios  you may encounter; your objective may not always be to find another exit.  Some storylines and scenarios could be more treasure-based, where you are following a series of clues aimed at leading you to a final prize before the clock runs out.  (Yes, Complex Rooms will have treasure-based rooms as well!)

There are countless variations on how your goal is achieved; you solve puzzles and riddles, interact with your environment and, ultimately, you are forced to think outside the box for a solution.

Each new room you enter will be styled to consider a specific time period or storyline.  It will be designed to immerse you in the experience and help you navigate through the unique set of puzzles and clues.  

Just remember,  no matter what game or adventure you’re in… no matter what the goal or theme may be… the most important part to remember is that you’ll be working as a team. In an age where devices facilitate most of our interactions and conversations, teamwork and collaboration are the most important tools you’ll have.

No matter what challenges they present, puzzle & escape rooms provide a venue for friends, family and colleagues to get together and, above all else, have fun!