Chapter One

Welcome to The Maker Code: Chapter One… A free game that celebrates amazing creators AND challenges you with a series of complex puzzles!

This chapter is now complete… All puzzles have been added but they’re still waiting to be solved. Half the puzzle can be found on our social media accounts (@complexrooms) while the other half can be found in the gallery below.

The solution to each puzzle is a 5 letter word and each puzzle might be… a little complex.

Good luck everyone and good luck discovering the Maker Code!

Exhibit #4302

+ Social Post: March 23rd 2020

Elizabeth J. Magie (1866 – 1948)

Her role as the inventor of Monopoly was not discovered until 1973. The original game, The Landlord’s Game, had two versions of rules – one where everyone thrived when wealth was collected and one that spelled out victory for those who created monopolies and crushed their opponents.

Exhibit # 1835

+ Social Post: March 26th 2020

Margaret E. Knight (1838 – 1914)

Her invention was almost stolen but she won the lawsuit and is today recognized as the first woman to hold a US patent for her invention of a machine to fold and glue flat-bottomed brown paper bags.

Exhibit # 2276

+ Social Post: March 30th 2020

Wilhelm Steinitz (1836 – 1900)

While the origins of chess can be traced back to many legends including those from China, India and Persia… He is known as the true father of chess and the first World Chess Champion.

Exhibit #3915

+ Social Post: April 2nd 2020

D Arneson (1947 – 2009) & G Gygax (1938 – 2008)

As game designers they co-created Dungeons & Dragons. And, with its first publication in 1974, it is known as the beginning of modern role-playing games and the role-playing industry!

Exhibit # 5601

+ Social Post: April 6th 2020

C Huygens (1629 – 1695)

As a physicist, mathematician, astronomer and inventor, he is know as one of the greatest scientists of all time and the inventor of the pendulum clock… the first precise time keeping device.

Exhibit # 8143

+ Social Post: April 14th 2020

Chapter One: The End

You may have to look beyond the two images to solve this one. (This one has layers.) Remember… Google is your friend!