Happy birthday Canada! Complex Rooms salutes you.

We live in a glorious country, filled with legendary people, beautiful landscapes and a remarkable history.  There is so much to recognize and celebrate across The Great White North that we wanted to design a space which showcases a few of our favourite people, places and things.


The Collection will be opening Summer 2017 with its first interactive exhibit: Canadian Legends.  

It will feature some of this country’s most intriguing and fascinating icons and artifacts.  From athletics and the arts, to literature, science and the very land itself, Canada has a fascinating story to tell and a treasure buried deep within its roots!

With the price of  admission, players will be given the opportunity to explore various areas of our nation, from far and wide, in a tactile and skill-testing environment.

With glowing hearts, you will work as a team to solve your way through some of Canada’s most celebrated moments, people and trivia to reveal the sacred treasure.

The Collection,Canadian Legends: It’s yours to discover.

The Collection is our Puzzle Room experience; a 45-minute game designed for beginners and enthusiasts alike.  It familiarizes players with concepts and ideas structured around collaboration and interactive environments.  It will feature a variety of tactile, logic-based and fun, thematic puzzles for everyone to enjoy.

Players are given full control over clues and hints; take as many or as few as you desire.  The environment is set so that you can access clues and hints if you need or want them, at any time, and as you see fit.  The main objective we want is for you to have fun!

We are very excited to open the doors to The Collection very soon!  Please stay tuned for advanced booking, tickets and admission.