Throughout history there have been many important moments in the evolution of team building and communication.  We wanted to take a moment to stand up and recognize a few of the trailblazers, without whom Complex Rooms would not be possible.

Discovery of the Door (40,000+ years ago)

WHO: Cro Magnon Pete & Cro Magnon Lindsay (names changed by request of the family)

In an age of survival and battling harsh climates with very little protection, Pete and Lindsay decide one evening to block the entrance to their cave shelter by rolling a large boulder in front while they sleep at night and when going out on errands during the day.  

With minimal resources and language skills, by working together Pete and Lindsay inspire the rest of their neighbourhood to follow suit and doors become the norm.  It is a game-changing evolution in real estate design for all human-kind and marks a significant instance of collaborative efforts and teamwork development

In-home mammoth intrusions go down whopping 87% and the notion of safety and security becomes popular watering hole conversation.

The Modern Day Lock (1778)

WHO: Robert Barron

You can almost feel the excitement of the time.  Humphry Davy, inventor of the Davy lamp, is born. The $ sign has just been introduced, and  Mozart releases his latest single, Symphony No. 31 in D Minor.   It’s an exhilarating era in human history.

While the door may have evolved from a boulder to a wood plank over the years, security remained an issue for much of the human race.  

Their have been many iterations of the lock until now, but thanks to Robert Barron, with notable changes to the lever and release mechanism, the modern lock is born and the general safety of human beings goes up.

First Known Escape Room (2006)

WHO: Takao Kato

Snakes on a Plane slithers its way into box office success, Stephen Harper is sworn in as Prime Minister, and “Brangelina” welcome Shiloh Jolie-Pitt into the world. Perhaps most notably, however, is an event which takes place in Kyoto, Japan.

When Takao Kato saw the potential presented by The Door and The Lock, as well as a trend in popular puzzle-based computer games, he opened the first recognized escape room in the World, called REG.  It paves the way for an entire industry to take shape.

The Escape Room Industry (2013)

WHO: Canada & Beyond

The radio is blaring out Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’ and Drake’s ‘Started From The Bottom’, Bitcoin is on the rise and Edward Snowden is making the news.

It’s an adventurous time in Canada, and a new genre of entertainment introduces itself on the scene. Escape and puzzle rooms start to open across the country, beginning in British Columbia and making their way to Ontario and the GTA.  

This moment in time is particularly important to recognize, since it really marks the beginning of an entire industry.  It paves the way for international conventions and competitions (see the Red Bull Mind Gamers event in Budapest…super cool!),  it gives a new generation of entrepreneurs the opportunity to do something fantastic, and it brings people and teams together all across the world.

There are now over 200 puzzle and escape rooms located across Canada which you can find here.

And along with the growth of an industry comes an incredible community of beginners, enthusiasts and inquirers.  What a time to be alive!

Complex Rooms Inc.  (2017)

WHO: The Escape Room Buddies (That’s us!)

Canada is gearing up to celebrate its 150th anniversary, Arcade Fire announces their North American tour dates, and Star Wars, The Last Jedi teases audiences with its first trailer.  

It is a year for celebration and joy and in recognition of this, the crew at Complex Rooms Inc. is readying themselves to share more details of the spaces they are building.   Construction is coming along, the spaces are planned and the puzzles are taking form.

Get ready world, the curtain is slowly rising…