3 to 8 Players | 60 minute game
3-4 Players 5-8 Players Jr Players*
$25 each $22 each $18 each

Up to 3 Junior Players (8 to 12 yrs) can join the team with a minimum of two adults (18+). When booking, please ensure that your total team does not exceed 8 players.

“The “Ninth Trial” escape room is a Masterpiece” – Google


“Engaging, exciting, challenging, and extremely well thought out.” – Google


“Incredible production value and attention to detail.” – Google


“Concept was extremely creative, the puzzles were designed really well.” – Google


The Trial of the Nine will show us your worth…

For eight generations, our world’s most coveted treasures and secrets have been kept safe and protected by a mysterious society. Now, as the eighth cycle draws to a close, the time has come for a new generation to preserve the secrets and carry forth the knowledge. Are you ready to join the legacy?

In this escape room, you and your teammates are presented with a test as you search for and unlock the exit. Follow the clues, solve the puzzles and prove your worth as you solve the challenges of the Ninth Trial.

We recommend 4 or more players for this Escape Room.