Beginners / Kids Puzzle Room

3 to 8 Heroes | 45 minute game
3-4 Heroes 5-8 Heroes
$20 each $18 each

This room is great for younger players (8+) and individuals new to Puzzle & Escape Rooms but may not be a challenge for experienced players. If you’re not sure please contact us for more information.

The Pirate King’s Treasure Map has been found! Could this be the first step in finding the lost treasure?

Coming Soon

Another story will launch soon! There’s more than one way to be the Hero!

When you book this game you can select the story that you’d like to play! In this puzzle room, the door is not locked and your objective is NOT to escape. Instead, you and your teammates are challenged to follow the clues and solve the mystery of the island. A viewing window will allow parents and guardians to watch the adventure unfold.