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Up to 3 Junior Players (8 to 12 yrs) can join your team when you have the minimum of players.
Please ensure that your team does not exceed the maximum number of players for that game.

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Maybe some of these tips will help!

When to arrive...

We appreciate your enthusiasm but please, no more than 5 minutes before your booking time!

If the door is locked, don't worry... We're getting the room setup and it will be unlocked before your scheduled time!

Arriving after your booking time? You might lose some of your game time! Please don't be late!

Changing number of players...

Of course! We understand that plans change and things come up.

When you arrive, let us know if your numbers have changed and we'll sort it out before your game.

Please ensure that the game can accommodate your final number of players. 

Junior Players..

Our games are not terror or fear based and are appropriate for all audiences

Players 16 years or younger must have a parent or guardian remain on site for the entire booking period.

Up to 3 Junior Players (8 to 12 yrs) can play any game with the minimum number of adults (18+).

If you're looking for more Junior Players in a game please contact us for a special booking (see above)!